Radiation Safety Audits



A properly managed radiation safety program requires a comprehensive internal inspection program. Types and frequencies of these inspections depend on many factors such as the nature, quantity, and use of radioactive materials. The University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) Radiation Safety team conducts inspections of all laboratories utilizing radioactive materials. These inspections are designed for the specific uses and facilities involved to assist authorized users in maintaining a safe environment.

Nature of Inspection: The inspections will consist of items applicable to the specific authorization and may include:

  • A review of the authorization file to ascertain that all requirements are observed and completed.
  • A review of inventory of radioactive materials to ensure that only authorized radionuclides are present in quantities equal to or less than the authorization limits.
  • An examination of posting and labeling in applicable locations.
  • Availability of proper instrumentation to conduct authorized activities.
  • An observation of laboratory procedures to determine compliance with safety policies and reliance upon appropriate guidelines.
  • A review of radioactive waste disposal procedures and records to determine compliance with applicable regulations and policies.
  • Assessment of any potential contamination.


Routine Inspections: Each authorization for the possession and use of radioactive material will be routinely inspected by the EHS staff. Authorizations for the use of radioactive material in medical diagnosis or therapy will be inspected at approximate monthly intervals. All other authorizations will be inspected at a frequency determined by the Radiation Safety Officer.

Special Inspections: These are designated for the resolution of any complaints, allegations, incidents, or as a follow-up of previous non-compliance issues. These inspections will be conducted at the discretion of the Radiation Safety Officer in consultation with the Radiation Safety Committee.

Inspection Findings and Enforcement: The inspection findings are reviewed by the Radiation Safety Officer and a report is sent to the authorized user responsible for the inspected activity. All noncompliance items will be categorized and enforced in accordance with University policies.


Please contact UMBC ESH at esh@umbc.edu (5-2918) or the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) Radiation Safety team at (410) 706-7055 for questions or concerns.