Where can I find the nearest AED to me?

All Campus AED locations are marked by placards above the physical device and these locations can be found below


Do I need training to use the AED?

All AEDs are available for anyone to utilize in the event of an emergency. If you would like to receive formal training, click here for information:

When turned on the AED has auditory and visual step by step guidelines for use designed for any and everybody to use. 


Is there an age limit for using an AED on children?

AED’s are designed to be used with patients over the age of 8 or above 55lbs (25kg). Anyone under this should be given compression-only CPR. Ensuring compression of ⅓ of the chest wall.


Are there dangers with using an AED?

AED’s are designed to be used by any layperson in the event of an emergency. They are equipped with safety precautions against improper use.


Can I be shocked by an AED

No, an AED can only deliver a shock when it is indicated and placed on a patient in a specific form of cardiac arrest. That being said, if the AED is delivering a shock ensure to clear the patient completely and follow all instructions from the device.


What happens if the AED box is accidentally opened?

All of the campus AED boxes (white box holding device) have internal alarms as well as a network connection to alert campus police that the box has been opened. Campus police will respond to investigate the nature of the incident and to contact further resources if needed. This is a safeguard but does not replace you calling 911. If the box was opened unintentionally contact campus police at 5-5555 or (410) 455-5555.


Here is a useful demonstration for the Powerheart AED G5 Automatic and Semi-Automatic, a dependable member of the automated external defibrillator family.




Improper or criminal use of any devices owned by UMBC will result in Judicial action as well as any prosecution deemed appropriate by the UMBC police department.