Laser Safety

Lasers and laser systems are classified within FDA/CDRH regulations (Food and Drug Administration, Center for Devices and Radiological Health) according to their potential to cause injury, as indicated by the laser output energy or power and wavelengths. The designated classification of a laser or laser system can be found on the laser hazard label of the instrument as well as in the manufacturer’s operating instructions.

UMBC ESH provides safety and compliance support as well as training for those researchers who utilize lasers. ESH also maintains a registry of all class 3b and class 4 lasers. If you have purchased a new laser or have received a citation during a laboratory safety audit for an unregistered laser, please fill out a New Laser Use and Registration form and email it to Lasers without classification labels or lasers constructed or modified in the laboratory must be reviewed by ESH for appropriate classification. Laboratories that do not have a laboratory specific laser safety manual should review the UMBC Laser Safety Manual to assist in the development of a laboratory specific laser safety manual. For laser specific signage please see the UMBC Laser Specific Sign Instructions for fillable class II – class IV laser signs. Additionally, please click here for a laser in use sign.

For questions or to schedule a training, please contact ESH at or call (410) 455-2918 during normal business hours.